67% of banks are considered “excellent” or “superior”

67% of banks are considered “excellent” or “superior”

Bauer Financial, an independent bank ratings firm, said Wednesday that 67 percent of the nation’s banks rank as four or five stars, meaning “excellent” or “superior”. Nationwide, the 67 percent figure is the highest since March 2008, Florida-based Bauer said. Bauer analyzes banks’ own financial data, such as profits, loans and capital, to determine the ratings.

“Capital levels and profits are both on the rise and delinquent loans are finally on the mend, setting the stage for this good news,” Bauer said in a statement; meanwhile, 75 percent of credit unions nationwide rate as four or five stars.

Among banks nationwide, more than 10 percent rate with 2 stars or below, meaning they have problems.

To see where your financial institution stands go to: http://www.bauerfinancial.com/home.html

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer