Tax Services

GellerRagans’ Tax Professionals strive to provide our clients with complete and correct tax compliance and tax planning. We understand the complexity of tax filings and how overwhelming dealing with the IRS can be. Let us take this burden from you and allow you to do what you do best. We have experience with all ranges of individual income levels and complexity. Additionally, with our vast years of experience at the firm, we have worked with all types of business structures in multiple industries. Whether you are a new company planning to provide your services to the public, an established retailer, or a multi-state business, we can ensure you stay in compliance.

You do not need to be a millionaire to have a reputable accounting firm to prepare your tax return. Do not settle for a preparer who spent a few hours in a training course. Our staff consists of college-educated personnel and Certified Public Accountants educated over forty hours each year in new laws and procedures to ensure your returns are prepared as accurately as possible.

We will:

  • Review your previous tax filing and identify any potential problems or errors
  • Prepare and file all federal, state and local returns for electronic filing
  • Provide secure 24/7 access to all filings and documents in our secure online portal
  • Sign and execute all documents electronically

Individual Tax Services

Here at GellerRagans we represent individuals with all ranges of income.  Why not have your tax return prepared from a firm rooted in the Central Florida community and committed to being here for you and your family.  We represent individuals who are W2 employees with no other sources of income as well as those with rental property, passthrough income (K1), schedule C business income and any other sources of income.  We can file returns in any states you may work in or have income coming from.  Additionally, we are authorized to represent you before the IRS or any state taxing authorities should an issue arise.

Business Tax Services

Whether you have an existing business you are looking to work with us on or a new business venture, we can keep you in compliance with federal and state taxing authorities.  Let us be your partner and advise you along the way.  We represent a multitude of industries operating predominantly in central Florida but also conducting business throughout the United States.  Our client’s businesses are in real estate, construction, personal services, entertainment, retail, bar/restaurant and others.  Whatever it is you are doing or planning to do we will be your partner along the way.

Trusts and Estates

If you have existing trusts or are funding a new trust, trust accounting and tax law can be complex and requires a Firm well versed in its understanding.  We prepare hundreds of trusts each year and can keep the trust in compliance with the IRS as well as the trust document.

When a taxpayer dies, their estate may have special filing requirements.  In some cases, an estate tax return is required to report to the IRS all of the estate holdings.  Additionally, an estate usually will also need to file a trust return to report activity after death.

As the trustee of executor, you have a fiduciary responsibility to the beneficiaries to conduct the affairs correctly.  Please schedule a conference with us to review your filing requirements.


We understand that your individual tax situation is unique. That is why tax planning and compliance for individuals, family-limited partnerships, and closely held entities is one of the core services we provide. Our goal is to assist your family and all of the filing requirements as one unit and provide tax planning and compliance to minimize tax burdens to the family as a whole.  We represent several family groups with multiple business ventures and multi-generational individual tax files and related trusts.  Entrust your family’s affairs with GellerRagans who understands the complexity and unique needs of a large family group.